WOMEN WORKING IN WEALTH SUMMIT PRESENTATION: The Advocate & Activate Workshop slides that correspond to the Women Working in Wealth Workbook.

WOMEN WORKING IN WEALTH WORKBOOK: The Women Working in Wealth Workbook serves as a “how-to” for anyone wanting to advance women in financial services yet doesn’t know where to start.

WOMEN WORKING IN WEALTH CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN FINANCIAL SERVICES: How to promote financial services at the junior high, high school and collegiate level through presentations. If you would like to use the PowerPoint version of the presentation with the accompanying show notes, please email womenscenter@theamericancollege.edu.

WOMEN WORKING IN WEALTH PLEDGE: Creating accountability for promoting, advancing and advocating for women. Print and Sign Today!

ACTIVATE GENDER PARITY SAMPLE LETTER: How to help internal stakeholders evaluate the efficacy of women’s initiatives.

FINANCIAL LITERACY ADVOCATE SAMPLE LETTER: How to be a proponent for financial literacy legislation.

WOMEN WORKING IN WEALTHSM PODCAST: The Women Working in Wealth Podcast Season 1 is now available! Listen to engaging interviews with some of the advocates advancing women in the financial services profession.

DRIVERS FOR SUCCESS IN FINANCIAL ADVISING BEYOND ASSETS UNDER MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTIVITY: Slides highlight recent research conducted by the Center for Women that delivers insights to help firms and advisors better align for success.


WEDNESDAYS WOMEN WORKING IN WEALTH: The Center for Women in Financial Services has created virtual workshops for industry leaders to find innovative ways to enhance their careers. These workshops stem from the Women Working in Wealth Summit and Workbook. Our approach to change includes personal development accompanied by inviting external stakeholders to create novel solutions. Secure your seat today!

NEW DATE: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 2 PM EST

Speak up! Do you need to speak with a manager or colleague about an uncomfortable topic? Are you emotionally attached to this topic and/or does the outcome personally impact you and/or your career? It is difficult and intimidating to speak up, express our feelings, and address issues. We tend to either let our work speak for us, react out of frustration, or tiptoe around the subject. In our final session, we will share tools and tips that will help you game-plan your approach to difficult conversations. We’ll build on material learned in “Setup!” and “Show up!” so be sure to check out those sessions too!

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 2 PM EST

Join Nicole Kalil for a workshop on The Confidence Con: The Lies, The Truth, and How You Build Your Confidence. Too many people believe that confidence is either something you have, or you don’t. It’s viewed as a fixed character trait rather than what it is: a skill that can be developed. What would you do with more confidence? Who would you be? You can change the trajectory of your life, the decisions you make, the risks you take, and the dreams you chase… all with a little more confidence.


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2022 Wednesdays with Women Working in Wealth

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