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July 24, 2017 | Next Avenue

Older Women Flunk Financial Literacy Quiz

By: Kerry Hannon

News flash: Retired women and women nearing retirement have a financial literacy problem. In a survey released today, the 2017 RICP Retirement Income Literacy Gender Differences Report, from The American College of Financial Services, only 18 percent of women age 60 to 75 passed.

July 24, 2017 | 401k Specialist

How Did Women Score In A Basic Retirement Income Quiz?

By: John Sullivan

Women are living longer and gaining in assets when compared with their male counterparts, yet only 18 percent of those that are retirement-age can pass a basic quiz on how to make a portfolio last in retirement.

December 22, 2016 | Reverse Mortgage Daily

How Reverse Mortgages Protect Women’s Retirement from Major Life Events

By: Alana Stramowski

Due to the fact that women live longer than men and that women still are only making 79 cents for every dollar men make, they have a more difficult time achieving retirement security. Even with statistics not in their favor, women do still have options when it comes to financially securing themselves as they age.

October 7, 2016 |

Three Takes on How to Invest that $150,000 You've Saved for Retirement

By: Erin E. Arvedlund

You saved your pennies and squirreled away $150,000 for retirement. Now, how do you invest the money? We asked three financial advisers what they believe is the best use of those savings. (For the purposes of this article, they're investing cash.)

March 13, 2016 |

Taking Charge of Finance Can Help African Americans Retire

By: Erin E. Arvedlund

The Insight Center for Community Economic Development, a nonprofit in Oakland, CA, found that single women of color are the biggest group of Americans with either zero or negative net worth. "We want to help close the gap as much as possible. The way to do that is through education," said Wright.

March 14, 2013 | The American College of Financial Services

Women of Color Save for Retirement to Avoid Being a Burden to Their Children

According to new research recently completed by the State Farm® Center for Women and Financial Services at The American College, roughly six in ten women of color save for retirement in order to avoid becoming a burden to their children. Learn more about this and other findings by reading the full report. 

February 28, 2012 | The American College of Financial Services

Small Business Owners are Unprepared for Retirement

New research from The American College reveals that while the overwhelming majority of small business owners are concerned about retirement, a third of the women and a quarter of the men surveyed have not estimated how much they are going to need when they retire. This data suggests that millions of business owners are underprepared for retirement.

September 22, 2011 | The Wealth Channel Magazine

Women and Retirement: Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail

By: Mary Quist-Newins

While the great majority of American women are justifiably anxious about their finances, a fractional few have developed retirement plans that adequately address their future income, wealth and risk management needs. This article discusses the retirement challenges women face and how awareness can ensure financial preparedness.

October 19, 2009 | Producers Web

Retirement and Social Security Challenges for Women

By: Mary Quist-Newins

Mary Quist-Newins discusses the complexities of Social Security benefits.

October 19, 2008 | LifeHealthPro

Harsh Retirement is Seen Awaiting Many Boomer Women

By: Warren S. Hersch

Mary Quist-Newins is quoted speaking about the significant risk that women have of ending up in poverty during retirement.