View presentations by our talented faculty members and leading industry professionals on issues relevant to women in today’s changing financial services industry.

Life Value of a Stay-at-Home Parent

Jon Dressner shares one of the LIFE Foundation’s Real LIFE Stories and explains how advisors can use it to show clients the importance of insuring the stay-at-home spouse.

Protection for the Single Parent

Why are single-parent households underinsured? Jon Dressner explores consumer and advisor barriers to selling in this market.

What Women Want (in a Financial Advisor)

The ways that women differ from men in their approach to the buying process of life insurance is discussed with Jon Dressner of the LIFE Foundation.

Women’s Market—Niche No More

Jon Dressner discusses the changing role of women as clients over the years, stressing that more than ever, women are taking the reins when it comes to making financial decisions.

We Do Because We Did

The issues barring diversity from within the financial services industry and the inversely proportional relationship between stress, emotional intelligence, and bad decisions are discussed.