View presentations by our talented faculty members and leading industry professionals on issues relevant to women in today’s changing financial services industry.

Preparing Women for A Financially Secure Retirement

Mary Quist-Newins speaks with Cindy Hounsell, President of the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER), about the specific risks facing women as they prepare to retire and the different circumstances for men and women while in retirement.

Retention and Mentoring in Financial Services

Correspondent Patricia Cheers speaks with Mary Quist-Newins about the gender pay gap in financial services as well as the importance of mentoring to enhance retention.

Government Efforts to Equalize Retirement Income

Mary Quist-Newins speaks to Drexel University professor Anthony Curatola about his original research and the government’s past efforts to equalize the playing field due to longevity-driven retirement differences.

Communicating with Female Clients

Professor Gerry Herbison speaks with Gary Melnick, a Senior Partner at Capital Financial Partners, about the conversations to have with female clients to prepare them for potential expenses due to longevity.

The Divorce Process & a Professional Team

Mary Quist-Newins speaks with divorce planning expert Christine Palmer Hennigan about gathering a team of professionals for the divorce process.